The latest Great Rock video is the sequel to The Chop where Ed lost his head. He has now come over all Mary Shelley, and needs some kind of shock to bring him back from his untimely death at the hands of the evil Barbers of Accrington.

Join Ed as the “Vain Vagrant” returns from the other side to shred in a valley where the weird is common place, make sure you watch it to the end!…

Great reviews so far:

Dirt Magazine: “The weirdest Mountain Bike Film Yet?”!bo9VMc

MTBr: “Ed Oxley’s bizarre ‘Vain Vagrant’ an amazing piece of mountain bike film noir”

Bicycling Blog: “It’s rare for a bike video to catch us so off-guard, but this one definitely surprised us.”

Also on VitalMtb and many other sites, been such a great response.