Uppercut Deluxe is proud to introduce our first UK-based lifestyle ambassador Jim ‘Buster’ Culling.

Jim is a UK native, born in the north of London in the early 90’s. A mechanic by trade, so you could say he’s a hard-working blue collar Brit (Which he is) , but Jim’s true persona reflects some very different influences to your standard English ‘Lad’.

His father; a mechanic and tire fitter who worked with the British Formula 3000, raised Jim on U.S Motoring movie classics like ‘The Wild One’, and ‘Two Lane Black Top’. Jim Recalls the moment his parents played him the Bruce Springsteen song ‘Racing in The Streets’ as the exact moment in time he knew he wanted to spin wrenches and tires for life.

Influenced heavily by the Californian Hot Rod and Muscle Car scene of the 1950’s, Jim has a genuine passion for the American classics, and it shows in not only his work and hobbies but also in his classic style; trading ‘trainers’ for Redwing boots, football jerseys for vintage bomber jackets and the typically English ‘Yardy’ Haircut for the Cali-inspired classic short back and sides haircut.

His current project: A Rover P6B, an undeniably British looking car, Americanized with a Buick 4.9 Liter V8 which is a rarity in Britain. (V8’s we phased out in the UK in the 1970’s due to rising fuel prices) and as a result, the V8 circles that Jim moves in are a tight knit underground movement of devout fanatics who often descend upon Santa Pod Raceway, a drag strip in Wellingborough between Birmingham and London.

Two wheels or four Jim doesn’t discriminate, and his list of past project motorcycles includes, 2 x BSA’s and Triumph and 1942 Harley Davidson WLA Flat Head.

One things for sure, he has a true appreciation for all things classic, and Uppercut Deluxe is stoked to welcome him into the family.

Follow him out on Instagram @borntohang

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