WhitenosugarProductions.com has signed Northern wakeskater Si Powell and former Masters National Wakeboard Champ, Sarah Kingdom.

As the wake industry’s quality TV and clothing brand, White No Sugar has been in the business since hitting us with ‘Northern Exposure’ – a documentary about the Northern Monkeys and their winch missions back in 2006. It aired on the Extreme Channel and Channel 4s Active sports show amongst others.

The crew has gone on to document the growth of wakeboarding and wakeskating working for Relentless, Red Bull, Alliance, Syndicate and Wakestock UK and Abu Dhabi.

Now, in its bid to drive new and emerging talent as well as capture the lifestyle of all things wake, Whitenosugar has hooked up Si and Sarah.

Owner, Tim Royle, said: “Si Powell has been with us unofficially for a while. We first filmed at Haverigg before going on various winch missions that continue today. He quietly goes about being super passionate, winching and wakeskating whilst filming it all as he goes.

“Sarah Kingdom’s the first to admit she was a late starter with wakeboarding but has gone on to win Masters National Champs and become the face behind Wide-A-Wake.com, which is encouraging women onto the water. She is a great ambassador for the sport, and eager to preach to others how great wakeboarding is.”

Whitenosugar is supporting with product and earned funds.