In between edits we found a bit of time to update the website, hopefully it will mean we can add news and videos quicker, and we feel the shop is improved too.

To celebrate the launch of the new site we have the 500th hooded top on ebay. It will be a special one-off gold and black hood. Bidding starts at 0.99p, the winner picks the size they want and will have a mug thrown in too. We don’t think its a bad deal, just give us 5-7 days to have the hood printed and then sent out. As they say, ‘Good things come to those that wait’.

Also, seeing as summer has been a washout we thought we would sell off some vests and tees at a tenner each, just in time for the sun.

Hopefully in Autumn we should have our zip-up hoods and be shifting over to organic cotton too.

Hope you like the new site!